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By Dr. Scott Whitaker
The Jurak Classic (JC) Whole Body Tonic® draws on the best of the world’s vital traditions; emphasizing balance and longevity; counteracting stress; balancing the immune system; improving endurance; increasing physical and mental energy, stamina and circulation and detoxifying and maintaining cellular health.

The individual tonic herbs in JC Tonic® nourish specific cells, tissues, and organs and have been combined to treat the body as a whole. Tonic remedies are well tolerated and have a slow, nourishing effect on the body systems, imparting strength and tone. On a daily basis, one ounce of JC Tonic® is a fast and sure way to eliminate internal waste and provide an optimum nutritional environment.

The effectiveness of this 60-year-old formula results from the use of tonic herbs compounded with the ancient method of blending a variety of herbs to enrich the whole range of body systems. It is an idea that had not yet been implemented in Western models of nutritional therapy. If taken on a regular basis, this tonic is a NECESSARY, PREVENTATIVE insurance for people of all ages.

I personally use the JC Tonic® to maintain body balance and a youthful appearance. After months of extensive usage, coupled with fasting, I have experienced rapid hair and nail growth and invigorating energy. I firmly believe that JC Tonic® needs to be in the home of anyone who wants to achieve optimum health. When I met the founder of JC Tonic® (Anthony Jurak), I was deeply impressed by his 68-year-old youthful body. The testimonials I have heard and seen from other JC Tonic® users have been astounding. THIS IS A MUST HAVE ITEM IN YOUR HOME.

Dr. Scott Whitaker
July, 2005

Whitaker, S., Fleming, J. (2005). Whole Body Tonic for All Ages. MediSin: The Causes & Solutions To Disease, Malnutrition And The Medical Sins That Are Killing The World (2nd ed.). (p.299). Corona, CA: Divine Protection Publication.

Dr. Scott Whitaker

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Who We Are
Success Stories
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