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The Skin Rejuvenator

This revolutionary new skin treatment you are about to experience contains a beneficial amount of the Whole Body Tonic preparation, JC Tonic®, as well as all of the essential ingredients and phyto-nutrients that Carl utilized in his original formulation. Carl knew, even way back then, what ingredients would be beneficial for the skin, in particular his exhaustive interest in coconut oil. There have been many scientific advances in skin care research and development over the past 60 years, but one of the "newest discoveries" today, one that Carl was well aware of, is the remarkable benefits that coconut oil and other natural oils provide in rejuvenating and restoring the skin's natural chemistry and protective function. Skin scientists have discovered that the safest and most direct path to youthful, smooth, soft and supple skin is to correct the imbalances at the surface of the skin. Those imbalances are found mostly within the skin's lipid profile, or the oily component of the skin, that protect the skin from harmful and destructive environmental damage.

Helena Jurak - 1943

After many years in Anthony's protective custody, Carl's formulation was entrusted with Beverly Hill's research chemist and anti-aging skin care expert, David Wood, Ph.D. and his research team, to be synergistically re-formulated with other advanced ingredients so as to produce a revolutionary product that would set new standards in anti-aging treatments. Helena's unique, proprietary blend of natural oils formulated with the power of JC Tonic® has created a sophisticated, elegant and extremely advanced Whole Body Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenator that has the ability to promote soft, smooth and more youthful looking skin while it protects the skin from environmental toxins, stress and damaging elements.

They say behind every brilliant man stands a strong woman... and so it was with Carl I. Jurak, the originator of America's (and just maybe the world's) only true Whole Body Tonic that in the 1940s and 50s he called Matonol and fondly referred to today as JC Tonic® That woman was Helena, mother of Jurak World Wide Inc. Founder, Anthony Carl Jurak.

Helena, wife of Carl Jurak and mother of Anthony Carl Jurak

Helena always appeared much younger than her years due to drinking JC Tonic® (Matonol in those days) and possibly because she was always testing new products that her husband, Carl, was developing. One of Carl's fondest formulas was one that he prepared especially for his Helena, as she believed that it kept her skin soft, smooth and beautiful. Today, Helena would be surprised to find that recent science has proven that Carl's knowledge and understanding of the skin's function was well beyond his time. In honor and memory of Anthony's mother, we have Skin Rejuvenator.

You WILL NOT find a more advanced or sophisticated whole body anti-aging skin treatment than Helena®.

Helena® Whole Body Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenator is an extremely advanced formula that is superior in rebuilding the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) of the skin that helps reduce water loss at the skin's surface. You will see immediate results and tests have shown that with daily use the accumulative effect will help provide long-term hydration at the skin's surface even after seven days of discontinued use. Damaged, irritated and dry skin, left unchecked, can lead to premature aging with associated age spots, wrinkles and inflamed, lifeless looking skin. Helena® Whole Body Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenator will leave the skin moisturized and re-hydrated, feeling soft, supple and having a more youthful looking appearance.

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Helena® – The Skin Rejuvenator
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